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I have an excellent background in data warehousing and business intelligence. I am attracted by data-related job profiles such as data manager or data analyst.


Functional BI expert

Touring Club Suisse
August 2012 to December 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Business analysis
  • BI Stream Leader
  • Management of reports migration to SalesForce
  • Users training on new assets reporting facilities
Detailed Description
  • BI project: (2013-2014)
    The BI team in place at the TCS was handling all the report requests from the business users, who only acted as passive consumers. The consequences were a high turnaround time for reports delivery, a high users dependancy on the BI team, a low availability of the BI team for enhancements. In addition, the reporting platform was based on a Teradata database and a Business Objects platform identified as expensive.
    The IT team decided to replace this architecture with a Microsoft-based suite,from the data storage to the restitution tools, and to empower business users with self-service BI.
    My role was to participate to - and validate - the work of contractors for identifying key reports and analysing their contents in terms of dimensions and measures, and implement automated testing strategies.
  • Dynamo project (2012-2013)
    The TCS decided to replace their older AS400 CRM software by a suite of cloud-based tools, (mainly SalesForce, but also Zuora, Cameleon, Aprimo, Varicent, Boomi...). This implied to migrate the operational reports issued from the legacy system, and to source the BI platform with the new source and apply the new rules.
    I was in charge of ensuring the operational reports could be reproduced and adapted in the reporting facilities of the new transactional systems. This required to understand both the older and newer business rules, ans also to learn to use a variety of reporting tools.
    I also had to organize trainings on these reporting tools, support users in their reporting activities and facilitate adoption with the pulse to establish reporting request process and evolutive naming conventions.
  • Members count (2013):
    Each year, the TCS publishes its official number of members. Although this may seem like a simnple task, the number of different businesses addressed by the TCS with specific rules, along with the importance of this figure for each level of the organisation hierarchy, and for 2013, the impacts of the Dynamo project, made it a challenge to provide accurate numbers. I was in charge of getting the figures out of the data and validate them with the business team
Company Description

Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is an active association in Switzerland in the field of assistance to persons and vehicles, tourism and consumer protection. The association brings together 1.5 million members.

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