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I have an excellent background in data warehousing and business intelligence. I am attracted by data-related job profiles such as data manager or data analyst.


BI Program Implementation stream leader

Touring Club Suisse
Since January 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Managed the implementation stream, in charge of delivering 2 major analysis solutions
  • Participated to business processes definition for corporate reporting activities
  • Lead the data warehouse design in terms of data models, policies and sourcing strategies
  • Trained users on new solutions and on reports migration
  • Involved in the Architecture board as a Data manager
Detailed Description
  • Context: Sponsored by the CEO, this 3 years long program aims to provide the TCS with a comprehensive enterprise reporting solution, from top management dashboards for all business units, to operational and system based listings, and relying on a fully integrated enterprise data warehouse. This program includes organization processes design, change management, deployment of a new infrastructure and implementation of the solution.
  • Lead the Implementation stream of the program (team of 4) to integrate data from assistance and insurance activities into the data warehouse, and build a reporting solution for each of these domains
  • Took part in the design and implementation of business processes related to reporting. These included new roles and responsibilities in different areas of the TCS organization.
  • Set up processes to secure and enhance the quality of the data warehouse model and sourcing strategies, making sure the business rules would be respected regardless of the data quality of the sources.
Company Description

Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is an active association in Switzerland in the field of assistance to persons and vehicles, tourism and consumer protection. The association brings together 1.5 million members.

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